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Viewing the Results of the 2016 Election from a Higher Perspective

I had trouble getting up this morning.  Yes, I had stayed up late to hope the tide of the election would turn.  And, yes, I woke up to check my phone to see whether the result was indeed declared.  And there was the sound of rain that felt like Mother Nature crying.  I wanted to rock myself back to sleep to that sound.  I wanted to wake up and find that it was all a bad dream.  But I am a light worker and talk to angels, so I thought I better get up and get my thoughts in alignment for this day and the days beyond.

It is clear, as the pundits say, that the voters for the winner of the presidential race wanted change.  They voted for this person despite character flaws that stunned most of us, including the ones who voted for him.  They voted for him despite some rather outlandish proposals and other proposals unsubstantiated by fact.  More voted for him than for the other candidate, who I concede had her flaws, but nothing in my mind that compared to his, except as they were inflated by him and the media.

So, how do I, a light worker, one who practices seeing life in the highest perspective I am able, and one who works on myself to be the best person I can be so I can connect to the angelic realm to listen to their advice and guidance, best handle this situation?  Particularly, after just publishing my book, The Art of Listening to Angels, in which I share that angels really want us to help us live our best lives.

First, I recognize that there is a higher purpose to all events than any of us can perceive in the third dimension.  Next, I do my best to let go of any thoughts less than light and love, even those I have just written that show my particular bias.  I recognize that my opinions are my perceptions.  Opinions are a form of judgment.  I do my best to release judgment.

My role, as I have come to know it in the last few years in connecting more fully to the angelic realm, is to embody as much love and light as I am able.  In doing so, I bring that higher vibration into this earthly plane and as it flows through me, it not only lifts my vibration, but it lifts the vibration of the world around me.

It has been a little hard this morning to practice what I have learned from my angels, and yet I know that the practice is not just for times I perceive as good or in alignment with what I feel is right.  This is a practice for each moment, every day, no matter what is occurring outside or inside me.

So, I encourage you, as you are dealing with whatever emotions are occurring today and each day beyond, to take a breath, release whatever emotions do not serve your highest good, breathe in the light and love of the divine.  If you find that difficult, just focus on your breath and remember that we are living on a small planet spiraling around one star in a universe of so many stars they cannot be counted.  If we raise our eyes to the sky and ponder the rest of creation, we can gain perspective on what is going on here in this one geographical region called a country on this tiny planet.   This is what I help my clients do through my Stellar Healing practice, and what I use to help shift my awareness when I feel stuck in what is going on in my life and my world.

In this moment, I open my heart to the expansiveness of the rest of creation and the divine force of love and light that creates all of life.  I do not need to understand.  I need only to trust that there is a greater plan, and know that my role, whatever happens, is to embody as much of that light and love as I am humanly capable.

And so it is.