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Happiness Calls

Last week the word “happiness” came up front and center for me three times.  I felt I was being asked to look at what happiness means to me.

Happiness is a synonym for being joyful.  Joy is one of those qualities that is so important to maintain no matter the circumstances – along with love and peace.

Life this week gave me a few opportunities to look at the opposite side of happiness – sadness.   I found myself in tears several times without there being a good reason for them.  I was under stress, and I had to face a few disappointments, although nothing that should have triggered tears.

As I sat with the sadness for awhile, I decided to use some tools I have learned along the way to make a shift in my mood.  Focusing on breath is one I go to first.  Meditation is another, particularly a guided meditation that takes some of the effort off me.  Both of these helped, but there was still a lingering sadness.

Then I realized that I had just written something on how to bring laughter to the mix when the other tools fail to do the trick.  And so I decided to view my situation in away that I could see the humor in it.  I looked to my Laughing Buddha statue for inspiration.  Such a great smile.  And such a big belly.  I found a way to laugh full belly style.  Some of it was faked at the start, but then it just started to take off.  My mood shifted.  I had a smile on my face, and I felt better.

Instead of the sadness, I at least had the hope of happiness – a movement toward the joy I know is mine to have.

So when you feel down and can’t shake it off, try a little laugh.  A little one might make you really laugh at how feeble the first one was and then you are on a roll.  Enjoy.  Embrace joy.  Feel happiness.  It is yours for the making.