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Facing the Challenges of 2012

Now that the newness of this year has slipped away and we are in the second month of this portentious year, I am finding some of 2012′s challenges hard to meet.  It feels like I am being asked to bring all of my gifts, wisdom, and knowledge forward to use in my every day experiences. Last week was a week of being with friends facing life altering challenges – two with diagnoses of cancer and one with another intense life crisis.  I have prayed, used Reiki, visualized them in the light and love of God, and done everything else to...

Bringing Joy into 2012 as a Key to Experiencing the Shift

We are here.  It is 2012.  Who is not wondering what it is has in store for us as individuals and as a planet?  We can expect change.  After all, life depends on change for its existence.  Can we count on only the changes we desire?  Probably not.  The changes we think we do not like are usually the ones we need most – the ones that change us at depth.  And if we do not change at depth, we do not evolve. I spent most of 2010 and 2011 inquiring into the change predicted for 2012.  I explored the myths and prophecies through a...

Joy in Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Note:  I wrote a draft of this blog before Christmas but got swept away by the busyness of the holiday and a trip with family out of town.  I feel its message is still important, so I am posting it late.  After all, we are still within the twelve days of Christmas! For some reason, Christmas music this year has shown me one reason we love this holiday season so much.  As I listen to Jingle Bell Rock, Winter Wonderland, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, I feel the joy bubbles inside start percolating and enlivening my whole body.  I start...

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