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The Preciousness of Life

In the last few weeks I have attended more viewings and memorial services in a short period than I ever have. Thankfully, each of the ones who made their transition had lived many years and gotten to see grandchildren become fully grown. My uncle was one of them. He was my dad’s only brother. Their only sister passed away many years ago. So my dad is the only sibling left. I am thankful that he is in such good health and spirits at his young age of 93.

Continuing the Shift to Joy in 2013

Using the energy of the last full moon of 2012, I decided to complete some tasks I had been putting off – one of them being to update my website and post a new blog.  As I revisited my site, I read my message at the beginning of this year, and it embodies the energy I want to bring into 2013 – Joy!  We made it through the end of the Mayan calendar.  We have fully entered the shift of consciousness into the next era of 26,000+ years. So let us celebrate and enJoy the shift.  Feel it in your bones.  Allow the Joy bubbles from...

Enneagram - A life saving tool for personal transformation

One of the best tools for self discovery and transformation is the Enneagram.  What is the Enneagram?  It begins with a diagram that gives it its name – a nine pointed diagram within a circle.  But that is where the mystery begins.  If there are nine points, why is there only one triangle and not three triangles?  Why are the two points down at the bottom not connected? Its origins are as mysterious as the diagram itself.  At a minimum it seems to have been something studied by Sufis that was brought to the West by a man of...

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