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Robin Williams – After Death, Still a Teacher on the Meaning of Life

I know a lot of people have written about Robin Williams since his death. He was such an icon for all of us and brought us to so much laughter. Each of his roles touched us deeply because he had a profound way of tapping into truth through humor. Yet despite his ability to make his audiences laugh, we have learned that he suffered from deep depression. His humor and his gift for making others laugh apparently was not enough for him to choose life over death.

What is Heaven on Earth Anyway?

I had a conversation with some dear college friends recently. I am so grateful that we are still in contact forty years later. We have all gone down very different paths since graduation, but we have a heart connection that has stayed with us.

Heaven is on Earth

Heaven is on Earth, Right Here, Right Now

How does that statement strike you? Do you say, “I believe that and I feel it!” Or do you say something more like “Dream on. That is a fantasy or, worse, propaganda put out by religious nuts!”

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