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The Plentitude that is Gratitude

One of the consistent tools I use to shift my energy so that I can feel more joy and peace in my life is to start telling myself what I am grateful for. I can be anxious about money or upset with myself for eating something that keeps me up at night, but if I start naming things that I know to be blessing my life, I start to feel better. I can always find something to begin with – even if it is that I am able to breathe. Once I find one thing to be grateful for, others pop into my mind. Before too long, I realize that the money worry or guilty consciousness no longer feels like the 500 pound gorilla sitting on my heart.

Embodying Light - Can It Be that Simple?

In my last blog I talked about the basic concepts around experiencing Heaven on Earth, Right Here, Right Now.  One of the first steps is to ask yourself, am I feeling joy in this moment?  Most often the answer is “Not really”.  Sometimes, it can be “Not even close.  In fact, I don’t think it is possible for me to ever feel joy again.”   I would like to address what we can do if we are feeling so bad that we have lost hope that we can ever feel better.  Circumstances in life can be that tragic, and unfortunately I have...

Heaven is on Earth, Right Here, Right Now

Heaven is on Earth, Right Here, Right Now  How does that statement strike you?  Do you say, “I believe that and I feel it!”  Or do you say something more like “Dream on.  That is a fantasy or, worse, propaganda put out by religious nuts!”  If you are like me, you may be somewhere in between.  You want to believe it, but you are not feeling it this moment, and you believe that it is hard to attain. Would you like to feel it on a more sustained basis?  I know I would and that is probably why the Universe planted the seed in my...

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