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What makes your heart sing?

A friend asked me this week, “What makes your heart sing?”  She was responding to my sharing that I felt I had lost my zip in life.  I was not sure in what direction to head.  I had tried doing a few new things as a part of recreating my worklife and felt maybe I was headed down a dead end road.  Either it was not financially rewarding or it required too much new learning. Take publishing a book for example.  I loved writing my book, An Unlikely Buddha.  I felt the words flow through me as if I were not even writing it....

Happiness Calls

Last week the word “happiness” came up front and center for me three times.  I felt I was being asked to look at what happiness means to me. Happiness is a synonym for being joyful.  Joy is one of those qualities that is so important to maintain no matter the circumstances – along with love and peace. Life this week gave me a few opportunities to look at the opposite side of happiness – sadness.   I found myself in tears several times without there being a good reason for them.  I was under stress, and I had to...

Back to the Basics

As I shared in my first blog, my intent is to share the inspirations that flow through me about how we can help ourselves awaken to essence and understand why we came to this planet in these bodies at this time.  I am in the process of publishing a book called An Unlikely Buddha: Life as a Spiritual Being in a Human Body that portrays my very human process of awakening.  I am hoping to have it published spring 2012. What I want to share today is some learning from the last few weeks as I have worked to get this website together so that...

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