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Grin and Bear it

“Grin and bear it.” That is an odd bit of advice is it not? And yet, I have found there is some truth to it. Grinning, which requires us to bring a smile to our face, does affect our emotions. Even when I don’t feel like it, if I remember to turn the corners of my mouth up instead of down, I notice a shift.

Opening to Divine Flow

Finding Heaven on Earth is a process, as I have mentioned before. We are fortunate to find moments when we can really feel it. In those moments if we choose to stay in the present moment, we can pull that energy into our bodies and nourish our cells with divine energy.

Divine Order

One of the concepts related to this idea that heaven is available to us here on earth is that “all is in divine order”. That is a tough one when so much of what is going on seems like chaos and confusion. Yet when we look to the skies and see the miraculous forces of nature that occur to create galaxies and individual stars and then we look to the evolution of our solar system and the multitude of life forms on this planet, we begin to believe that there is some divine order going on beyond what seems like chaos to us. For me, personally, life occasionally seems to organize in a way to remind me that, yes, all is in divine order.

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