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Signs, Part 2

My most recent blog was about signs we receive from angels and the Spirit realm.  The truth is we are always receiving signs and messages from Spirit.  Most of the time we are blind to them or hard of hearing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wear prescriptive lenses or hearing aids to help us?  Technology has not evolved in that direction.  Yet.  And maybe never will because it is an inner job, not one that outer accoutrements can help.

One sign I often miss is cosmic humor.

What If We All Want Change?

I was triggered by the use of the word “change” that I read in a Christmas letter yesterday.  I found the trigger interesting so I took that into meditation. I wanted to explore why I was emotionally triggered by the word when the intent of the Christmas letter was to invite loving discussions among friends and family who have different opinions...

Stuff the Turkey; Feel Your Feelings; and Express Yourself in Love

Holidays can bring up emotions.  Feel them and express them in love.

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