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In Life As a Practical Mystic

Independence Day – Breaking Out of My Box

So much of my life I have lived inside of a self-imposed box. I was a lawyer so how could I talk about angels? I was a single mother of three, so how could I leave a secure job and become an author and entrepreneur? I was a daughter and sister, so how could I show myself in a way that might embarrass?

For years I allowed my fears and worries to limit expression of self. I might talk about the importance of being authentic, but I was not showing my “true colors” Not until I unmasked myself through publishing my book The Art of Listening to Angels did I begin living my life exposed as I have known myself internally to be.

It is so much more fun doing life this way. I realize that I was so confined in my old way I was blocking my light from going out. I was also blocking light in from others who could not see the real me.

What about you? Are you living a life with self imposed limitations blocking others from seeing your light? Are your fears filtering what others can see of you? Are you hiding behind some false ideas of safety?

If so, time to drop the walls of your box, and step out into the world and  be seen. As you.