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Signs, Part 2

My most recent blog was about signs we receive from angels and the Spirit realm.  The truth is we are always receiving signs and messages from Spirit.  Most of the time we are blind to them or hard of hearing.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wear prescriptive lenses or hearing aids to help us?  Technology has not evolved in that direction.  Yet.  And maybe never will because it is an inner job, not one that outer accoutrements can help.

One sign I often miss is cosmic humor.  I don’t always get the punchline or the possibility that if I only laugh, that may be all I need.  I tend to live life way too seriously. 

Once in a while, the joke gets through and I can’t help but laugh.  That happened to me the other day while I was working on my laptop.  I was writing an email and my cursor disappeared.  I could not get it to show up so that I could hit “send”.  I was able to push a key that opened up a search screen so I typed in “What do I do when I lose the cursor on the screen?”  I hit enter and up popped an audio software called “Groove” which I don’t normally use and it started playing a song called “This Is What I Call Fun.”

I am not making this up.  It was a song I had downloaded from a CD.  It was not one I had played in a long time, but it is by Marc Douglas Berardo from a concert he played with Bob Sima at the Ram’s Head in Annapolis.

I had no choice but to laugh.  This was too bizarre.  The cursor was still lost and despite my wanting to curse at my computer, I had to laugh.  It seemed that either my computer had developed a sense of humor or the Universe was trying to get me to relax, enjoy, and have fun.

I still needed to find the cursor so that I could use my laptop.  Although I know some keystrokes from ancient days to take actions like copy, paste, and undo – sometimes you just need the cursor to work.  So I rebooted and hoped the cursor would magically reappear.  When it did not, I tried another search question.  This one was something like “How do I get my cursor back?”  Now I know computer techies would have come up with better questions, but I don’t think they would have received the answers I got. This time the answer was the song “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar.  I am still scratching my head on that one.  Not sure what my cosmic computer was trying to get me to understand with that one except perhaps a lesson in love.

Eventually, through using my spiritual tools, like Reiki and asking my angels – mostly to keep me in a calm and hopeful state of mind - and using my phone to ask questions that actually led to helpful answers, I discovered that somehow, through some mysterious way, the touchpad on my computer had been disabled.  Through borrowing an external mouse (a descriptive term I have always found odd) and following some suggestions from my phone search, I was able to “enable” my touchpad once again.

So what are the signs amidst all this techno jargon?  For me, it is about lightening up, staying positive, asking for help in all of the right places (especially in the angelic realm), and tapping into joy, laughter, and love.  For that is what this life is really about.  No need for cursing even when there may be a need for a cursor.  No need for giving up even when what shows up seems bizarre.  Find the sign in what shows up because the signs are there to point us in the right direction.  The Universe has our back even when we can’t see or hear what we feel we need.  Keep looking.  Keep listening.  Keep laughing.  And, most of all, keep loving.