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Paying attention to Signs

As part of a recent Angel Playshop I hosted near my home participants shared stories of angels appearing in their lives. A key idea discussed is that angels give us signs even when we are not otherwise listening to them.

Some of the signs that people noted for angels getting their attention were:

feathers appearing out of nowhere in unexpected places,

repeating numbers on a digital clock,

colored lights that were seen either visibly as others could see or seen with an inner eye

messages on trucks or license plates or billboards seen as one is driving

words or phrases that show up through different sources in a short period of time.

The evening after the playshop I watched a game show I had never watched before. I wanted to relax and there was not much available on TV conducive to relaxing. The game show was a new evening program on one of the main networks so I was curious to see what it was like. As part of the show, the participants were to complete phrases by filling in a blank and then seeing if it was the most popular answer. One of the phrases turned out to be “Heaven on Earth”. I took that to be a sign from my angels that I was on the right track as I find ways to focus my work around that concept given to me by my angels years ago. It seemed so out of place on that game show, but I allowed its significance to sink into my consciousness.

How do signs appear for you? Do you allow yourself to recognize them? When a repeating decimal catches my eye on a clock or my computer, I like to smile and give thanks. When a phrase shows up repeatedly, I take note and ask myself what am I to do with this clue? Should I take a specific action? Or do I just rest reassured that the angels have my back and they are letting me know that?

I know that they want us to realize and believe that they are available and accessible. We may need to clear some cobwebs from our mind or heart, some old patterns that get in the way, but angels are there for us and are increasingly making it known.

So when your heart feels troubled or your mind feels cluttered as it goes around in circles, open your eyes to visible signs, open your ears to sounds that others may or may not be able to hear. Ask for a sign. Ask for an answer. Then pay attention. See what shows up. Keep a smile on the ready because you may be amazed at how they deliver your answer or sign. And give thanks when you see one. Gratitude and appreciation help the relationship with your angels grow and evolve to greater depths. Gratitude is for you, not for them, because it opens your heart and mind more fully to their presence as you acknowledge and thank them.


Lilia Shoshanna Rae

Creating more heaven on earth with the assistance of angels