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Sometimes I Learn the Hard Way

I prefer ease and grace to pain and difficulty.  At least I think I do.  That would make sense, would it not? 

Life gave me a wake up call this week. Some of you may know that I recently published my book, The Art of Listening to Angels.  As with the launch of any creative endeavor, life is intense with activity and plans to implement.  The week after, though, was something different.  I no longer had a book launch celebration in front of me.  I no longer had the jubilation of seeing the book ranked No. 1 briefly on Amazon.  I had a whole new vista ahead of me - a wide expanse of open schedules waiting for me to fill in with classes and clients and all sorts of great things as I create this new career for me.

In the void arose a fear.  What if I fail?  What if I do not succeed at this new career?  I spent several days in angst and anxiety.  Then I did what my book tells me to do:  take the first step in listening to angels by asking them to help! How could I have not thought of that before the agony and agitation?

I asked for help and I asked them, “Why did I not do this sooner?”  The answer was that maybe I needed to see the contrast – what happens when I do not ask.  I had been writing and talking about this first step, but instead of taking it, I chose to experience what happens when I don’t. 

They went on to say, we humans choose to learn from contrast most of the time – and usually choose the hard way when the path of ease and grace is right in front of us, complete with an angel to show the way. 

I was truly comforted that when I stopped efforting and stressing and sat down with pen and paper and actually just asked my questions – my angels were there – as accessible and available as always, with love,wisdom, suggestions, and even humor to lighten my mood.

The path ahead of me may not be easy, but with the guidance of my angels, it will be a whole lot easier than what I was trying to do on my own.  Call on your angels.  Even if you cannot hear them, ask them to help you with whatever you are struggling with. Pay attention to what shows up – it may be a shift in mood, a synchronistic sign to show you the next step, a 4:44 on a digital clock, or some other message to let you know they heard you even if you cannot hear them.  And maybe soon, you will hear something inside that sounds like a thought but feels different.  Write it down and see what comes next.

Blessings to you. Choose to learn the easier way, ask your angels to help.

In love and light,

Lilia Shoshanna Rae