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In Life As a Practical Mystic

Back to the Basics

As I shared in my first blog, my intent is to share the inspirations that flow through me about how we can help ourselves awaken to essence and understand why we came to this planet in these bodies at this time.  I am in the process of publishing a book called An Unlikely Buddha: Life as a Spiritual Being in a Human Body that portrays my very human process of awakening.  I am hoping to have it published spring 2012.

What I want to share today is some learning from the last few weeks as I have worked to get this website together so that I can let people know about my book and my other work.  It has been a great stretch and at times has felt like too big a stretch into territories that were unknown and uncomfortable.  I have had to use all of the resources I have to stay in a  centered place.  Truthfully, I have been unsuccessful some days.  It is all part of the awakening process, but when we lose our way and get into anxious or worried places, it can feel a bit humiliating.

Several things have helped me.  First of all, I recognized that I do not have to do it alone.  Spirit let me to some young technical professionals who are helping me with some of the website creation details that were causing me angst.  I had been so excited when I first created the site, but ran into some blocks that I could not figure out how to get around.  They are helping me get around those blocks and the angst.

And those in the Spirit realm are continuing to help me as well.  All I need to do is ask and I feel their loving presence and hear their guidance.

The basic tools on this spiritual path have helped also.  Connecting with my breath, meditation, prayer – all of the basics.  When I was really stuck a guided visualization helped.  Recorded meditations are so available to us.  I need only go to my inbox to find an email leading me to a free one.   So many are available through the web as well – only a Google search away!

I would like to end with gratitude.  Another basic practice.  I am grateful for all who have helped me along the way – the Creator, my Spirit guides, my friends and family, and others showing up in my life on their path of service.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.