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Embodying Light - Can It Be that Simple?


In my last blog I talked about the basic concepts around experiencing Heaven on Earth, Right Here, Right Now.  One of the first steps is to ask yourself, am I feeling joy in this moment?  Most often the answer is “Not really”.  Sometimes, it can be “Not even close.  In fact, I don’t think it is possible for me to ever feel joy again.”  

I would like to address what we can do if we are feeling so bad that we have lost hope that we can ever feel better.  Circumstances in life can be that tragic, and unfortunately I have been in that space.  Thankfully, it has been a while ago for me, so time has given me some perspective on that period of my life.  However, one cannot listen to a news channel or read a headline in a newspaper without knowing that many are in that state right now.  I often find it hard to have hope when I hear of the many tragedies going on around the world.  

First of all, let me say that I am not a therapist.  I am a student of spiritual truths.  I study and teach what I have learned about the divine nature of our creation and our Creator.  I am ever seeking higher levels of truth and wisdom.  As a seeker and student, I have learned that it is important to discern why I was created in the unique way I was created and to have the unique experiences I have in this lifetime.  Through this exploration I better understand what my life purpose is and how I am to serve.  The umbrella for my personal work is this concept of bringing Heaven on Earth.  By studying what that means I have learned that there really is no “bringing” to it other than bringing awareness to its existence and availability to us no matter what – and more importantly “being” it.

I am fortunate to be among a large group of friends and acquaintances who are using this time of shifting circumstances to look deep into their hearts and see why it is that they came to this planet. They are connecting to their purpose and in connecting with them, I find support in my purpose of bringing Heaven on Earth and figuring out what that really means.

This past week was huge for me.  I participated in a small group experience in which the Divine Feminine spoke through my coach and friend, Rosemary Bredeson.  I am still processing the information given through that transmission.  In fact, it was not just information, it was an energy download as well.  I was reminded to embody as much light as I can so that I can radiate it out into the world.  That is my responsibility.  That is why I came into this world.  That is what my mission “to bring Heaven on Earth” is all about.  When I embody the living light of the Divine, I accomplish my mission.  It is as simple as that.  To hear the full message, go to Rosemary’s website and check it out under her oracle readings – http://thescientificmystic.com/  .

In the context of what we are experiencing on this planet – between the fears of a worldwide Ebola epidemic and the expanding and evolving conflicts in the Middle East – it was comforting to know more specifically what my responsibility was.   Like many I was getting caught up in the fears generated by the relentless, repetitive news about Ebola and the group calling itself an Islamic State.  After much processing and digesting of the message of the Divine Feminine, I realize that my fears are, indeed, merely indicators that I have forgotten that I AM the light.  When those fears come into my awareness, my responsibility is to focus on the light and the love that are me.  As I focus on love and light, they grow.  Fear and darkness cannot exist in love and light.

I invite each of you to this exploration as we experience these shifting times.  When a fear arises, choose to focus on your light and love instead.  See how that shifts your perceptions and your experience. Embody your own slice of heaven on earth, right here, right now.  We are in this together.  As the Hopi’s have said and many friends remind me, “The time of the lone wolf is over.”  As we help each other to remember what is true, we each grow stronger.  We help the evolution of the whole planet.

Namaste.  The light and love that is me honors the light and love that is you.